MI Compass: Setting the Course

Part 2: What's Missing in Formative Assessment?

January 15, 2020

A North Carolina professor is working hard to create a shared definition of formative assessment that is widely embraced by stakeholders and decision-makers in the world of education. Gregory J. Cizek, professor of Educational Measurement and Evaluation at UNC-Chapel Hill, states, “Formative assessment is part of a planned assessment system that supports teachers’ and students’ inferences about learning and conceptual organization, strengths, and diagnosis of weaknesses and areas for improvement. It is a source of information that educators can use in instructional planning and students can

Part 1: A Look into Formative Assessment

January 8, 2020

Formative assessment. A buzzworthy phrase you’ll hear often in education. It’s something that administrators are looking for. A topic of professional development. A section in lesson plan templates that teachers try to complete. But what is it? The definition of formative assessment can be difficult to pin down because there are several interpretations of it across the board. Most include some form of evaluating student learning, progress, and needs. Another common element is assessing the efficacy of one’s teaching.

While it should include those aspects, formative assessment is so much