Helping Your Reluctant Writers

There are many reasons students may be reluctant to write: some think they cannot write well, leading to frustration and an unwillingness to try. Other students may feel the pressure of getting a good grade, always trying to perfect their assignments. ELL students face the difficult task of building fluency in a language while trying to build their writing skills.

Luckily, there are several strategies you can use to encourage your reluctant writers to practice more and see improvement in their writing.

  • Create a collaborative writing environment. The lessons and report features included in PEG Writing can help with that. Allowing students the opportunity to complete lessons together as a class reinforces the concepts involved in the writing process in a fun, engaging way. If you see a pattern of improvement in a student's work, take some time to review it with your student writer. Portfolio reviews provide a great visual for students who are encouraged by this improvement.
  • Differentiate student learning to accommodate for the range of writing skill levels in your classroom.
  • Think outside the box. Picture prompts or writing contests are two ways in which you can make writing fun! Find inspiration from some of our PEG Writing teachers.
  • Let students write without scores. This can be a journal that they write in for 10 minutes at the start of class or some sort of free writing activity designed to get thoughts flowing without concern for how it will be scored.

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