Using Reports to Guide Instruction

You teach the lesson, assign homework, and grade assignments. But how do you know it's all working? How do you know that all of your students are benefiting from the instruction?

PEG Writing can help answer these questions. From the minute a student hits "Submit" on their first essay, PEG Writing tracks student progress in individual portfolios that teachers and students can access at any time from home or school. Teachers can get an even broader view of whole class progress in the Reports tab. Reports for class performance per prompt or by writing trait show how students are progressing in their skills. Student activities such as peer review and time in lessons can be analyzed by teachers to see who is using the additional support features in PEG Writing.

Taking advantage of these instructional support tools can strengthen your instruction time by helping you make decisions to differentiate student instruction or spend more time on specific units. For more information on the importance of using reports to guide instruction and how PEG Writing can help, contact us!