#WhyIWrite: Team PEG

All week, the team behind our writing products - PEG Writing and PEG Writing Scholar - has been sharing their stories of why they write.

Today's #WhyIWrite comes from several team members here at Measurement Incorporated. They wrap up a week of celebrating National Day on Writing.

When I get a chance to write, I like to blog. I blog about special activities I like to do, places that I visit, and food that I eat. When I write about things I have done, like hiking, sky diving or jet skiing, it helps me capture the moment and express the experience. It’s kind of like a picture, I can go back and read what I did and relive the experience all over again. But it’s better than a picture because there are emotions, opinions, and senses described in detail. This is also the case when I blog about places I have visited and new types of food that I’ve tried. Writing about traveling to new places helps me remember the trip much better. I love reading my blog years later and reliving the memories of riding a crowded train through Germany with my family or walking through the Musee D’Orsay and taking in all the beautiful art. Or surprising myself by eating escargot for the first time and actually loving it. I write for myself, to express my opinions, experiences, and reflect on all the wonderful and unique memories. - Evie Runberg, Project Manager for Utah Compose

I write because it’s a way for me to leave a legacy and memories for my children. Plus it’s just plain fun to express myself and share my gifts! - Kendra Timberlake, Project Manager for PEG Writing

I write in a journal so I can remember the funny little things my kids do. I hope to capture as much as I can so they may enjoy reading about it one day as much as I enjoyed experiencing it every day. - Katie Dugan, Senior Manager of Online Formative Assessment

We hope you enjoy getting to know our team and hearing about why they choose to write. We can't wait until next year!