The Writing Process: Working Collaboratively

The writing process does not happen in a vacuum. In order to improve writing skills, it is important for students to receive feedback and opportunities for revision. This is the belief behind PEG Writing. As soon as students submit an essay, they receive feedback and use it to revise their work. Once they are ready to share their work, students can also request reviews from peers or ask questions of their teachers. These features foster a collaborative environment in the classroom.

Other ways in which you can use PEG Writing collaboratively include:


The lessons in PEG Writing can be completed as a class assignment. Share the lesson with your students as a participatory activity. Stations can also be set up, with lessons assigned specifically to each station so students can focus on a trait at a time as part of a small group assignment.

Prompt Assignments

Did you know that you can recommend certain prompts to specific students? Create a prompt or choose from one of the many prepackaged prompts in PEG Writing. Go to the Advanced Options feature and recommend the prompt to a student or group of students. Pair this with peer review to complete a writing assignment from start to finish.

Portfolio Review

All student work is saved in PEG Writing, and it's important to review with your students to ensure they are getting the most out of their experience. Set aside some time to review portfolios with your students. This gives them time to ask specific questions or get help in a problem area.