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Plagiarism - in my own words

September 8, 2021


"In your own words" 

"Cite your sources" 

"No, you can't just copy and paste that entire website as your essay." 

Things teachers say quite frequently when giving writing assignments. Well, hopefully not the last one, but we all know there are students who will try. 

Plagiarism can be a tricky beast to approach because it casts a wide net of what it's considered to be. So we're here to make it a little easier for you. 

Definition of plagiarism

Seems simple enough, but there are so many ways that a person can plagiarize without meaning to or even realizing it. Paraphrasing or changing words here and

Power Up with Us!

August 23, 2021

Your digital toolbox may be overflowing with all sorts of apps, websites, and programs that you added in the last year due to virtual learning. How many of those are you still using? How many are still proving to be effective? You can count them.  

Go ahead. I'll wait. 

There's probably only a handful that you want to continue to use with your students this new school year. As you narrow your focus on these select tools, you may want to run through a crash course on each of them before you start the year. And further, because we know that the vast majority of teacher are life-long

What Kind of Impressions Will You Make This Year?

August 9, 2021

The end of summer for teachers is usually packed with PD days, planning, making copies, organizing, planning, rearranging, maybe even painting, did we mention planning? You plan your first week of lessons. You plan fun activities to get to know your students. You plan out your seating charts and desk orientations. But before the first day of school, you have to get ready for your big night: Open House!  

Your first first impression will be when parents and students participate in Open House. No matter what it looks like, this first point of contact can set the tone for the year.  You may

In the Words of Ross Gellar: PIVOT!

July 26, 2021

PIVOT – the word for the 2020-2021 school year. There are also words and phrases like learning loss, zoombombing, unstable connection, and asynchronous. 

This past year has introduced a whole new level of challenges that we've never seen before. But challenges in the classroom are nothing new. These just have new names and virtual faces. Educators tend to be quite flexible and are generally ones who make the best out of difficult situations, which is why they – you – have been able to work through this year and come out on top of those challenges. 

While there's still a ways to go to

Our Current Favorite Classroom Inspirations

July 12, 2021

By: Melissa Young, guest writer

With the pandemic forcing everyone online, maintaining connections with students has become harder than ever. Although challenging, keeping students engaged is still extremely important when creating a great learning experience. A good step is becoming familiar with online resources, and we’re here to help with that! We have curated a must-follow list of educators, authors, and other influential people that are sure to keep your classes (and timeline) lively!

Vicki Davis is a teacher in Georgia whose social media is full of articles to help organize