e-Learning is Better with MI Write

With the rising number of schools closing due to the spread of the COVID-19 virus, we’d be remiss if we didn’t continue to show our support of teachers and students. Schools may be out for up to eight weeks, which is a long time to be out of the classroom. Many of these districts and schools are looking to e-learning in order to keep up with the curriculum. We want to help!

As MI Write is completely online, teachers are able to continue their instruction through the use of our different tools and features. There are so many ways that MI Write supports e-learning instruction. Custom prompts, communication tools, lessons, and peer review allow you to adjust seamlessly to the online format of your classroom.

For each grade level, MI Write provides 50-80 pre-packaged prompts across multiple subject areas. But if you are looking for something in particular that is not available, you can create custom prompts, complete with uploaded documents and/or videos to go along with any topic. Communication tools are embedded within the program to allow students to reach out to their teachers with any questions at any point in the writing process.

Lessons are available to you and your students at any time to help elaborate on or introduce a new skill. You have the ability to assign a specific lesson to one student, a small group, or your entire class. Following a required lesson, you may also assign a constructed response essay where students can briefly describe and explain what they’ve learned from the lesson.

Your students have the ability to work collaboratively with peers on their essays and stories using our Peer Review. As you assign the prompts, you will enable the peer review feature and create groups. Once they have submitted a draft, others in their group will be able to read and leave feedback on the essay. We have recently updated the peer review feedback form to be more in-depth and specific for the elements that you are looking for.

Writing is an excellent way to see what students know and understand about a topic. A multiple-choice test can demonstrate whether students can select the correct answer, but to have them write out their answers allows you to get a better picture of the thoughts and processes. This gives insight into where understanding may go astray or highlight new ideas that can, and should, be expounded upon. 

Schools, along with many other large industries, are doing what they can to prevent further spreading of the COVID-19 virus. We at MI Write want to support this movement in any way we can while continuing to serve teachers and students throughout the country. To find out more about how MI Write can help your school maintain academic studies during closures, contact us today!

Northshore School District in Washington State was one of the first districts in the nation to move classes completely online earlier this year. Read this blog published by EdWeek here to learn tips from the superintendent of the district on how to keep your classroom going even when your school is closed