We have been looking forward to finding our 2020 Teacher of the Year since the beginning of the school year. With the current state of the world where most schools are closed down and virtual learning is the new normal, we think it’s even more important and encouraging to highlight the positive things that are going on right now.

Teachers are among some of the hardest working professionals with the lowest amount of appreciation. They are always busy writing lessons, reaching goals, grading papers, adding rigor to existing lessons, conferencing with parents, students, and administrators, meeting deadlines, and demonstrating growth in both their students and their own practice. In these days of social distancing and remote working, teachers are still working diligently to serve their students, it just looks different.

At MI Write, we want to highlight and celebrate teachers who are keeping up the awesome despite the circumstances. As an online program, teachers can continue to use MI Write to communicate and collaborate with their students as they move through their curriculum. Teachers are empowering student achievement, enhancing the student experience, and increasing student confidence and proficiency. We want to find the teachers who are going above and beyond for the benefit of their students.

Teaching is a challenging profession and we want you to know that we see what you are doing, how hard you are working, and the incredible growth you are achieving with your students, even outside the classroom. Our 2020 MI Write Teacher of the Year is out there somewhere, being a champion for their students and of our program. This teacher has seen great success with their students, is excited about MI Write, and shares both of these with their teammates, colleagues, and administrators.

Nominations are accepted through Friday, April 3. We will be reviewing all entries in April and will be thrilled to announce our 2020 MI Write Teacher of the Year in May!

The winner will receive the following:

  • Plaque to display
  • Feature in the MI Write newsletter and our blog: The Write Way
  • Full registration to education’s premier conferences of 2020
  • MI Write swag bag
Send in your nomination today!