A Teacher's Summer

Take in a deep breath and let it out slowly. 

You can do that now that summer is here! We know that the end of the school year can be a bittersweet time for both teachers and students. You spent the whole year pouring yourself into your kids and watching them grow. They’ve driven you crazy and made you proud, sometimes simultaneously. You’ve, likewise, had encouraging moments that outshine the times that you lost your cool and had to show them what “tough love” looks like. You are, without a doubt, exhausted.

Before you start planning next year and spending hours upon hours making sure that you have everything ready, don’t forget to rest and recharge! There’s an old adage that says “You can’t pour out of an empty cup.” Summertime is the best time for teachers to take a break and refill their empty cup for the next school year. If you don’t take a break, you will start the fall with that same end-of-year exhaustion. That isn’t fair for you or your future students. Do yourself, and everyone else a favor and TAKE A BREAK.

So how do you take a break?

  • Read a good book (or several); get immersed in a new or favorite series. We asked some of our teacher friends what they are reading this summer and this is what they said:
    • YA author Madeline Roux (check out The Asylum Series)
    • Any Ron Clark book for teachers
    • Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens
    • Alexander Hamilton by Ron Chernow if you’re looking for an entertaining biography
    • Wonder by R.J. Palacio
    • The Renegades Series by Marissa Meyer
    • The Sun is Also a Star by Nicola Yoon (especially if you enjoyed YA novel Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell)
  • Binge watch shows on Netflix
  • Vacation to somewhere tropical
  • Steal away to a remote cabin for some much-needed downtime
  • Volunteer at local charities or organizations
  • Enjoy time with family, local or far away

Mix it up. Try something new. Discover new hobbies or rediscover old ones. Give your brain a break, or challenge it with puzzles. If you have a favorite way to decompress and reset over the summer, share it with us on social media!

We’ve heard from some of our users and they’ve shared some of their rest and recharge plans:

  • High school English teacher, Cindy, spends her summer vacation writing. Cindy writes under the pen name, Cindy Cipriano and is the author of three different series. Fading, the first book in her young adult series received critical acclaim from Kirkus Reviews. The second book in the series, Searching, released late spring and the third, Pretending, will release late summer. Cindy’s Miller’s Island Mysteries series is middle-grade fiction about eighth-grade friends, Grace and Jack, who travel through time, solving science mysteries. The fifth book in this seventeen-book series releases this summer. Cindy’s The Sidhe Series, about faeries who live in the mountains of North Carolina is getting a reboot from her new publisher, Vulpine Press. The first three books in the series will release simultaneously late in the summer. All of this means…Cindy decompresses by writing. She is currently working on her eleventh novel and hopes to finish her twelfth before returning to school in August.
  • Marci in New Jersey says, “I walk at the beach, play Mahjong with my friends, and love to crochet. All these activities help me recharge.”
  • Assistant principal Alison says, "For me, recharging is time spent with my family, reading books, and going with the flow rather than filling my days with planned activities."

Whatever you do, make sure you enjoy your summer! And when it’s time to start thinking about school again, we’ll be here to help you with all your writing needs.