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MI Write Has Got You Covered!

August 10, 2020

Summer is quickly coming to an end and you are undoubtedly thinking about the upcoming school year. Whether you’ll be teaching online or in person, you may be dealing with new standards in your state. Florida and Colorado are two states that are revamping their standards for student learning. Fear not! MI Write works with any standards. 

No matter what your new standards are, MI Write covers them all. Most states require students in each grade to practice writing in each of the three genres (narrative, explanatory/informational, and argumentative/opinion) with standards that emphasize the

Your Writing Instruction Questions Answered!

July 27, 2020

We’ve done some digging into the education industry and found a variety of frequently asked questions about writing instruction specifically. Our goal here is to shed some light on these questions and give you more confidence in teaching writing.

  • How can I support student writing?
    • The first step in supporting your students in their writing is to find out where they are. What are their existing skills and what do they need? From there, build lessons and activities that support the needs of your students and further challenge their skills. 
  • What do I do with struggling

AI and Machine Learning: A Teaching Superhero's Secret Weapon

July 13, 2020

By: Kevin Humphrey, guest writer

When I first started writing this post, the world was still normal. We still shook hands, hugged, went out to restaurants, bars, and live performances, and differentiated instruction strategies to reach each individual student in writing instruction was one of the most difficult technical tasks an educator may ever face. Now, in the new world of social distancing, mask-wearing, and possibly a lot more online learning, differentiation has become even closer to the impossible than ever before. It seems like it would take a superhero to teach solid essay

You'll Always Remember How It Ends

June 29, 2020

Boy, has this been a year! Surviving the spring alone with school closures, online classes, social distancing, and all the other unprecedented madness due to the coronavirus was a feat in itself. No testing, canceled proms, and virtual or parade-esque graduations ... this has certainly been an interesting wrap to this school year. Teachers, we know you’ve done your best to continue to be engaging for your students, who most likely struggled to stay engaged with you. As many states and districts are working out what the fall will look like, we wanted to help you make sense of this year and

Be A Light in a Time of Darkness

April 21, 2020

Staying positive and productive in such troubled times as we’re experiencing now can be difficult. With all these restrictions put in place - social distancing, limiting the number of people in gatherings, mandatory quarantines, and more - some people may begin to feel very isolated, anxious, and depressed. How are you supposed to continue teaching and learning in these conditions?

We’ve already posted a blog about how to continue your instruction through e-learning methods. But we know that learning is only a small part of what schools provide both students and adults. Another main

Could YOU be Our Next Teacher of the Year?

April 1, 2020

We have been looking forward to finding our 2020 Teacher of the Year since the beginning of the school year. With the current state of the world where most schools are closed down and virtual learning is the new normal, we think it’s even more important and encouraging to highlight the positive things that are going on right now.

Teachers are among some of the hardest working professionals with the lowest amount of appreciation. They are always busy writing lessons, reaching goals, grading papers, adding rigor to existing lessons, conferencing with parents, students, and administrators