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Crowd-funding Classroom Needs with An Interview with Sharon Sullivan

March 18, 2019


I had the pleasure of meeting Sharon Sullivan at her school, Wells Elementary School, in Wilson, NC, to talk to her about how she uses the popular educational grant-funding website,, to meet the needs of her students. Ms. Sullivan taught for 11 years at an elementary school in Durham and has been in Wilson for the last two years. She is currently teaching 5th English Language Arts and Social Studies.
She has used to fund PEG Writing, along with many other projects and supplies, several times in her teaching career and has become an expert grant writer. Since

PEG Writing Teacher of the Year: Is it YOU? There's Still Time to Nominate!

March 4, 2019


We understand the hard work that teachers put into their classrooms everyday: working diligently to write lessons, reach goals, grade papers, add rigor, conference with parents and students, meet deadlines, and demonstrate growth in both their students and their own practice, all while also maintaining a life outside of school... whatever that means.

Our goal with PEG Writing is to support teachers as much as we possibly can. We want to show appreciation for the teachers who are using PEG Writing to power student achievement, enhance the student experience, and increase student confidence

Writing Beyond ELA: Cross-Curricular Ideas

February 18, 2019


We've all heard it; some of us have even said it:

“I’m a math teacher; what do I need with writing in my class?”

It’s easy to say that in math, there are right answers and wrong answers, and they’re almost always numbers. Recently, however, there has been a push in math for students to not only know what the answers are, but also to understand why the answer is correct. This is where writing comes into the picture. The best way to know what a student understands is to get them to explain it. Writing out an explanation for a math question is a great way to see if they really understand how

Conquer eLearning Days with PEG Writing

January 28, 2019


Snow storms. Ice. Hurricanes. Flooding. Heatwaves. Inclement weather can keep teachers and students out of school for days on end. We know that those hours must be made up, but the loss of workdays can be frustrating, especially at the end of the grading period when grades are due. No one wants to lose precious days from Spring Break and Saturday school is just as bad! So what other options do you have? Instead of scheduling make up days, some districts have used those inclement weather days as "eLearning" days. Teachers and students stay home but are required to communicate with each other

Meaningful Writing Instruction

January 7, 2019


It’s Sunday afternoon, and you’re writing your lesson plans for the week when you suddenly remember that you need to have a writing lesson too! Suddenly, you’re overwhelmed with visions of endless stacks of papers and grammar books. You’re thinking, “I don’t even know where to begin!” You know that you can’t just pick something from the internet and throw it into your plans. You can’t just make it up on the fly. There’s always a chance that your principal may pop in for an observation, so you know it’s got to be good! You are definitely not alone! We have some ideas on how to make writing

The Top 8 Ways to Ruin Your Winter Break... and 1 Way to Win It!

December 17, 2018


This is it! Your countdown to Winter Break is in the single digits! Your students are restless; your principal insists that movies are not acceptable; you are scrambling to find meaningful activities that will hold the attention of your kids. In short, you. are. exhausted. You NEED a break! You are so looking forward to that first day of liberation! Here's a list of things you can do that will definitely RUIN your break! 

8. Forget lesson plans for January.
This will leave you scrambling and wracking your vacation brain on the last day (or last few hours) trying to come up with something to