MI provides customized professional learning to 1200+ educators in Pueblo, Colorado

Jen Elliott

MI team member, Jen Elliott, facilitates session with Pueblo district staff

On November 10, MI staff and consultants delivered professional learning to over 1200 educators in Pueblo, Colorado. This event is part of MI’s two-year contract with Pueblo School District 60 to support district leadership with their school improvements efforts.

“This was a worthwhile PD. It will be a great 2 year learning cycle.”

Our work with Pueblo School District 60 leverages MI’s expertise in both evaluation and professional development. In the early stages of the project, MI’s evaluation team led a needs sensing effort which yielded valuable information that the district and MI’s professional development team used to co-create a customized professional learning plan.

“This was a meaningful training. Our instructor was the bomb!”

The learning plan is designed to address the district’s comprehensive strategic plan of ensuring equity through the lens of MultiTiered Systems of Support (MTSS). MI’s MTSS experts are providing on-site coaching to each of the district’s 30 building leadership teams to help them better understand evidence-based practices and how to apply them. Specifically, MI staff is helping principals address their school improvement efforts at the system level by offering practical strategies to better organize, coordinate, and deploy their existing resources to meet the varied instructional and social, emotional, and behavioral needs of all students.

Participants in Pueblo, CO

Group of participants listen to training presentation

The learning plan also addresses the immediate needs of teachers by equipping them with strategies to mitigate the significant social, emotional, and behavioral needs of students in the post-Covid era. MI staff is delivering foundational classroom management professional learning along with research-based strategies and techniques to equip Pueblo staff to create environments conducive to effective teaching and learning.

“I am so glad we have this partnership. I am hopeful that we can implement with fidelity.”

MI’s project team will return to Pueblo in January to facilitate another full-day professional learning experience for the district.