Professional Services

MI’s wealth of experience spanning the entire testing universe allows us to draw on a set of core competencies and a talented and experienced team of professionals to create a customized mix of services designed to meet your specific needs.

Program Evaluation & School Improvement

For more than 30 years, MI Program Evaluation and School Improvement Services has been helping clients to advance their practice through high-quality research and evaluation, measurement, data management, and professional development and technical assistance. We offer our clients a team of talented and experienced professionals with deep content expertise, a thorough understanding of research methodology, and the ability to apply innovative strategies to help bring about meaningful change. We have completed more than 2,000 projects, adhering to the highest standards of quality. Our high-level work has enabled us to build a solid reputation for excellence with our clients and a distinguished track record of success.

Program Evaluation

Over the past three decades, MI has provided clients with exceptional program evaluation services across a wide range of projects. We are known for the technical rigor of our work as well as for generating creative yet practical solutions to pressing problems. Whether it is evaluating new programs, conducting statewide survey research, or disseminating resources and information on diverse topics, we offer objective, accurate, and sound information that clients can trust.

School Improvement Services

MI staff and consultants assist school districts with planning and implementing new initiatives and developing their capacity to create and sustain meaningful change. We assess the needs of our clients and provide a continuum of services—tiered technical assistance—to meet those needs. We deliver flexible and adaptable assistance through onsite consultation, training workshops, conferences, how-to booklets, Web resources, and Web seminars.


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Professional Development

A higher degree of training for the teachers leads to greater results for the students. In the area of Professional Development, we instruct educators on assessment practices so they can better prepare students and improve on their own teaching techniques.

Measurement Incorporated has worked closely with state departments of education and other clients to provide large-scale staff development opportunities to teachers and other employees. Led by our experienced leaders, our programs are personalized and use a variety of technologies to enhance the learning experience.

Our Professional Development Programs utilize a range of media and approaches, including DVD/CD-based training modules, Web-based training modules, and face-to-face training.


Led by an experienced educator, this face-to-face program tackles assessment topics including: Item Development, Performance Item Scoring, Test Administration, and Score Interpretation. Our presentations demystify assessments and promote more effective teaching and learning in the classroom.

Web-Enabled Multimedia

Our award-winning professional development software has all the attributes of the live workshops and delivers an enjoyable and effective professional development training program.

Case Studies

  • Connecticut State Department of Education
  • Illinois State Board of Education
  • Ohio Department of Education


Training videos depict performance-training sessions with rubrics, anchor papers, and practice tests. MI's multimedia software has delivered hundreds of videos to teachers in thousands of schools. The multimedia engine can deliver model lesson videos and also video and audio stimuli that function as assessment items.

Case Studies

  • Illinois State Board of Education
  • Ohio Department of Education
  • Texas Education Agency

Distance Learning

Presented live via satellite, through Web seminars, and via teleconferencing, MI provides the opportunity for distance learners to gain the benefit of a live training workshop.

Case Studies

  • Arkansas Department of Education
  • New York State Education Department
  • Utah State Office of Education

Our expertise with performance assessments and new technologies brings the best of live assessment workshops to any client's state. As the national leader in scoring performance assessments, MI understands the critical link between assessment, curriculum, and instruction. Our experience using technology to provide in-service activities for teachers is unparalleled in the industry.


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