Who has Teacher Appreciation deals in 2022?

Low Effort, High Impact Ideas for Poetry

Introduction to Poetry 
By Billy Collins 

I ask them to take a poem 
and hold it up to the light 
like a color slide 

or press an ear against its hive. 

I say drop a mouse into a poem 
and watch him probe his way out, 

or walk inside the poem's room 
and feel the walls for a light switch. 

Women Making HERstory Today

To wrap up Women's History Month, we wanted to highlight and celebrate women who are doing incredible things and making history today. From diversity and inclusion advocates to young poets to teenaged trailblazers, these women are influencing the world as we know it, impacting the lives of young learners all over the world. If you can read this post and not feel inspired then we haven't done our jobs.  

Celebrating Influential Women in Education's History


It's March already. 😬 But March means Women's History Month and we love that! 🙋‍♀️💪 In honor of this, we've curated a short list (much shorter than deserved) of extraordinary women who have impacted younger generations through education. These women have overcome obstacles to blaze the trails for those who would follow them and continue moving education toward a more equitable experience for all students. Feel free to share in your classrooms, research more influential women, and encourage your students to learn more! 

MI Write Teacher of the Year: Pandemic edition

Teaching through the pandemic has been no walk in the park, but so many of you have continued to go through the ringer to give the best for your students. We see your hard work: diligently planning and implementing lessons, pivoting as needed, balancing remote and in-person students, fighting with masks and quarantines, and still helping your students grow. We think that's amazing!

5 Things You Should Do to Kick 2022 Off Right

We're not denying the value of reflection. As educators, we understand how important it is to think back and see what worked and where we need to pivot. However, you can't move forward if you're not at least looking in that direction! So yes, take a glance over the last year, but don't forget to turn back around. Think about driving your car. Sometimes it's necessary to reverse (back out of your driveway or a parking spot), but it's much quicker to get where you're going if you drive forward. 

Add These Podcasts to Your Queue NOW!


When you don't have time to sit down and comb through pages and pages of search results on the internet but you need some inspiration, help on how to teach a lesson or lead a discussion, or just to know that you're not alone, what can you do? Listen to a podcast! Listen on your drive to school or when you're running errands. Maybe set aside some time during the week to catch the latest episode. Podcasts are incredible resources that you can take with you on the go.  

Productivity is in the Planning

I am a procrastinator. I have a warped sense of time. I am perpetually late. I am so easily distracted. I am a social butterfly. And sometimes, I have a hard time finishing projects that I start. This may mean that I have ADD or ADHD or some other acronymed disorder. But it also means that I have to try harder than most people to actually sit down and get things done. 

Plagiarism - in my own words


"In your own words" 
"Cite your sources" 
"No, you can't just copy and paste that entire website as your essay." 

Things teachers say quite frequently when giving writing assignments. Well, hopefully not the last one, but we all know there are students who will try. 

Power Up with Us!


Your digital toolbox may be overflowing with all sorts of apps, websites, and programs that you added in the last year due to virtual learning. How many of those are you still using? How many are still proving to be effective? You can count them.  

Go ahead. I'll wait.