#WhyIWrite: Camilla

Camilla Meek, PEG Writing Account Manager

In honor of National Writing Day on October 20, the team behind our writing products - PEG Writing, and PEG Writing Scholar - will be sharing their stories of why they write. We will share a story per day this week. We hope you enjoy getting to know our team and hearing about why they choose to write.

In my personal life, I write to figure out what I think and feel about things. In my professional life, I write for content marketing, using good stories to support an organization’s brand.

Coming from a family of writers and English majors, I frequently got unsolicited feedback on my writing. Writing didn’t come easily to me, as I’ve learned is the case for most people. I would have to credit my high school English teacher, Mrs. Rock, with getting me involved in writing when I served on the staff of the school literary magazine. She mentored me by showing me how she selected the writing and art for the magazine and taking me to the printer to see the proofs to correct them before it went to press.

From that experience I found my writing style, which is to do shorter pieces that incorporate visual elements. I like writing for the web and blogs, where writing is enhanced with pictures or graphics, especially now, when people tend to skim rather than read closely. I like seeing my work on the web where it’s widely available. My subjects are usually people or work that inspires me.